Every Features in Goodwork
Project, Team & Office
Task Board
Discussion Board
Message Board
Event Board
File Board
Role & Permissions
Direct Messages
Project, Team & Office
Organize your staff and work according to different contexts.
Use projects to group works on same goal.
Create teams for people in same department.
Office is to help organize work for an office.
Only add the people you want to see the work.
Can be make public to people outside your team.
Task Board
Organize projects works in tasks
Assign task to members.
Filter task by status, assigned person, due date and tag.
Break task into multiple sub task.
Ask question in comments
Show progress of a task
Discussion Board
Whole conversation about a topic in one place
WYSIWYG editor for easy writing.
Categorize your discussion according to your need.
Save as draft when not ready to publish.
Embed image to enhance the discussion.
Carry the conversion forward in comment.